Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swaddle Strap

When my daughter was a baby, she needed to be swaddled at night and during naps because she would constantly wake herself up with her arms that had a mind of their own. We were having great luck with the Miracle Blanket, but it was becoming summer and getting very hot out. She would be soaking wet with sweat at night. How uncomfortable would that be? There had to be something cooler. I kept thinking there needs to be a "swaddle strap" that just holds her arms down. I headed to Google to seek it out, and lo and behold, there actually is an item called Swaddle Strap!

The company was just starting up. They also had a baby in a similar situation and felt the need for a cooler swaddle. They are very nice people who answered my questions promptly and courteously. I bought two Swaddle Straps immediately. The proof is in the picture. Kinlee slept like, well, a baby! And she stayed cool and comfy. It also made for super easy diaper changes in the middle of the night, because the legs and feet are free. She barely noticed.

Unfortunately, we only used it for about two weeks before we felt we needed to wean her of the swaddle. She was about five and a half months old, and it was time. I wanted to swaddle her until she was in college, that's how well it worked. But nothing is forever. She was also getting too big for it, and at the time, the Swaddle Strap only came in one size. Now the company has expanded and offer a few different sizes.

I highly recommend Swaddle Strap for swaddling babies in the summer months! They are reasonably priced and would make a great shower gift. And they work. Bottom line!

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